Eco Cleaning Products from Bio-D - Tested

Bio-D Cleaning Products

Bubbles has a passion for environmentally freindly cleaning so we were delighted a few weeks ago to get our hands on some new eco cleaning products from Bio-D, and couldn't wait to test them.

We have a 500ml bottle of lime and aloe vera handwash and a 750ml bottle of unfragranced washing up liquid. All products in the range are certifed as hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty free as well as having all ingredients derived from natural sources. Also, from the start of 2018 Bio-D are introducing 100% recycled packaging which adds another element to their already impressive list of environmentally friendly credentials.

Our first impressions were that the bottles seemed larger than the popular household brands and when we checked, Bio-D was offering 20% more than average. The bottles are of good quality and the handwash pump was robust enough to outlive the contents.

We gave the washing up liquid a try first, it cleaned our pots and pans with ease, performing just as well as any other brand if not better. We then tested it alongside a regular brand by leaving two treacle tins to soak overnight, they both performed well but the Bio-D disolved slightly more, with the added bonus of being eco freindly. We did find that there were slightly less bubbles produced by the Bio-D liquid but this seemed to have no effect on its cleaning ability whatsoever.

We then gave the handwash a go. The first thing we noticed was the fragrance, the fresh, clean scent of the lime was pleasantly noticable and stayed on our hands long after washing. For those who prefer a different scent, geranium, rosemary & thyme or fragrance free options for those with sensitive skin are available.

Overall we were very impressed with the products on offer from Bio-D and will certainly be using them again for ourselves and for our eco cleaning service. We would also recommend trying them out for yourself.

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